Boudoir for the Female Gaze

Never heard of the female gaze? You’re not alone. With a rise in awareness through social media and particularly the film industry, many people are asking themselves, “what on earth is the female gaze?” (And no- despite what my dad thinks, it’s not “the female gays.” lol)

 The female gaze is the way that traditionally women perceive the world in direct contrast to the way men traditionally perceive the world. This is not a comprehensive definition because there are many women who primarily see things through the male gaze and vice versa. This definition also leaves out nonbinary folks who fall on both sides of the spectrum in regard to how they view the world. However, for the sake of explanation, women represent the female gaze and men represent the male gaze. 

The female gaze seeks to empathize rather than objectify. It looks to evoke emotional intimacy while showing both strength and vulnerability simultaneously. If you’re interested in more explanation with a few examples, you can find them on my blog.

Brunette with curly hair looks into the distance while holding her hair in half up half down ponytail

So, then what is boudoir for the female gaze? 

Your female gaze boudoir session won’t be like any other boudoir. My focus is to make you feel sexy in ways for YOU to appreciate. The poses and outfits for this type of photoshoot will be geared towards representing intimacy, strength and vulnerability. 

Woman in white dress sitting on rocky beach caressing thigh and wearing red knee high boots

Male Gaze

Woman posing in bed for a boudoir photoshoot in lexington kentucky
A woman's chest in black lingerie with her hand gently touching her collarbone
Woman posing in a Lexington Boudoir Studio on the floor with her arms above her head and toes pointed

Female Gaze

Woman's hands elegantly holding lavender flowers

My Most Recent Boudoir Sessions

young woman playfully puts hands in hair in pink lingerie

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