Women Supporting Women

Social media is a great place to connect with family and form friendships all over the world, but often it does more to our mental health than we notice. We are constantly bombarded with images of other women who have a flatter stomach than us. Clearer skin than us. Perkier boobs. Less freckles. More freckles. The list of comparisons goes on and on. Society has made us feel less-than to keep us insecure because insecure women tear other women down. The patriarchy relies on that fact. But here's the thing..

I don't stand for that shit.

That's why I created Empowerment Portraits.

I was tired of hearing so many women talk down on themselves and not realize how incredible they are! I'd constantly see women comment "I'd love to do a photoshoot if I wasn't fat!" And my response was always, "and?" So you're fat. And? So you have a flat butt. And? So you have acne scars. And? None of these are reasons to hate on ourselves! My goal is to help feminine people gain back their self-love through the best way I know how...


So, what does an empowerment session look like?

An empowerment session is less of a photoshoot and more of a luxury experience from start to finish. We'll start with a consultation to get a feel for what aspects of yourself you'd like to highlight. Then together, we'll design a photoshoot that represents all sides of your femininity. Your silly, sweet, sexy side. Your determination and drive. Your power. Your pride. Your gracefulness. Your clumsiness. Your messy, fun, chaotic side. This session can be whatever you make it. Then day of, you'll receive a hair and makeup service before we begin the shoot to get you feeling your best.

The Photoshoot.

Not a model? No worries!

Most of my clients aren't! I have years of experience posing non-models in ways that are flattering for their body, and I will coach you through each pose directly. My priority during this shoot is to make you feel comfortable. Twenty-four hours after the session, you will receive two sneak peeks. The rest of your digital gallery will be delivered within two weeks after your shoot.

Since this is a luxury experience, I have included one additional gift as part of this session- A professionally crafted leather photo album with layflat binding.

These sessions book out quickly, so inquire now to reserve your date

Examples of past Empowerment Sessions

motion blur of white dress being thrown by the woman wearing it while she stands in a field of long grass in michigan
Empowered woman ties lace scarf around her thigh
witch scowls at the camera while holding the brim of her witch's hat
kentucky girl wearing light green floral dress and standing on her tiptoes on a rock in a creek during the fall
free spirited woman has bumble bee on her dress while she sits in a field of purple flowers

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