Senior Photos to Inspire Confidence

Graduating high school is a huge accomplishment, but oftentimes that sense of pride gets overshadowed by the fear of starting a new chapter. For some this looks like going to college. Possibly miles away from home. For others this looks like entering the workforce. Learning the ins and outs of the professional world. For others this looks like a gap year of traveling and finding out who they are. But no matter what lies ahead for you and your senior, I want to ensure that they do it with the most confidence they possibly can.

Years of being told you do things "like a girl" and hours spent scrolling on social media seeing fake bodies can really strip away a someone's confidence. We've seen studies that show how much a young girl's confidence drops by the time they reach middle and high school. That's unacceptable. That's why it's my mission as a photographer to encourage these young women to take on the world with confidence.

Your daughter has skills and strengths and talents. I promise to highlight those in ways as unique as your daughter. Together we will create senior photos that she can look back on when she's starting to lose her confidence again. These photos will remind her that she is a strong, intelligent, creative, badass that can do anything she puts her mind to.


Bad ass senior standing on courthouse steps with cap on and hand on hip sassy
Senior sits on rocks on Mackinac Island looking out at the water
Cooper high school senior holds graduation cap to her stomach with tassle hanging down
Senior holds orange leaf in front of her face only showing her eye which is looking at camea
Cooper high school graduate holds gown over her shoulder in a white floral dress and nude shoes with hand on hip
Round face woman looks at camera and smiles with sunset light on her face
Young adult woman walks towards camera while on rocky shoreline and green trees in background with serious look on face
Teenager holds arms out motioning an airplane whilst standing in sunflower field and smiling at camera
Fall senior looks away from camera with orange leaves framing face
Pennsylvania senior graduate crouches in long grass and holds flower in her hands whilst looking at camera
Teenage girl smiles at camera while holding sunflower to her face almost smelling it
Spanish teenage girl tosses hair back in a sunflower field in ohio near cincinnati
Pennsylvania senior stands in middle of archway made by a fence with greenery draped over top
Northern Kentucky senior holds edge of graduation cap while looking away from camera at courthouse in burlington
North carolina young woman stands on rock tossing her hair back and facing the sunset while she wears a long white dress