Your Journey back to Self Confidence Starts Here

Society can make it very hard to feel confident in our own skin. If you’re too skinny, then people think you’re anorexic and tell you to eat a burger. If you’re too fat, then people think you’re lazy and tell you to lose some weight. Social media tells us that our skin isn’t clear enough, our hair isn’t shiny enough, or our stomach isn’t flat enough, but our butt is too flat. It’s an impossible standard to live up to. That’s why I love boudoir sessions. They are a great way to regain confidence in your own skin. When you book a boudoir photographer, they know how to pose you in ways that are flattering to YOUR body type. Your boudoir photographer should make it a point to learn what you’re insecure about and what you absolutely love about your body, so they can pose you in a way that you will love.  It can be hard to love photos of yourself taken on an iphone at the worst angle and in the worst lighting. But when a boudoir photographer takes photos, it makes you look like art- which you are. Your body is beautiful and worth celebrating and showing off if you so choose!! So, whether you want to book a boudoir session as a gift to your significant other or as a gift to yourself, I think they’re a great way to rebuild that self-confidence and have you feeling great in your skin again!!! 

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Why do you need a photographer who has been in front of the camera?

Being in front of the camera can be a scary, intimate experience. That's why you want a photographer who knows how it feels. How can you trust an empowerment photographer to capture your vulnerability without being courageous enough to do it themselves? When I book a photographer, I make sure they have experience having their photo taken because I know they'll understand what specifically makes someone nervous before their session and what specifically can help ease those fears. You deserve a photographer who is just as willing to be vulnerable as you are when you step in front of that camera. I learned a lot from the first time I had my photos taken. Read more about my experience here:

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