Coffee Shops

Lucky Bean- Lucky bean is a quirky coffee shop in town. It’s not on the main road, but it’s still in a very good location. As I said earlier, I got a mocha from here and it was solid. Blake got a seasonal drink, but I can’t remember what it was called. I think maybe it was called a sugar cookie latte? I’m not too sure but it was delicious. I would recommend their seasonal drinks. They all sounded delicious. 

Boxwood- I wouldn’t recommend this cafe if you’re a coffee fanatic. Blake and I are both baristas, so when he ordered a con panna and they gave him a cup full of whipped cream, we were a little surprised. However, they have DELICIOUS chocolate muffins. I do recommend this place as a good spot to work on your computer as well. Outside the cafe there are a few stools set up facing the water with plenty of charging ports. There is wifi, and the view is great. I wouldn’t recommend this spot on a hot and sunny day though because the sun really beats in through the window. To my knowledge, this is the coffee shop that stays open the latest each day. We were there after 8pm and the doors were still open. They also have a nice, single stall public restroom that stays open. 

Watercolor Cafe- This is my favorite place on the island, simply for the location and the VIEW! You’ll have to walk past the visitor’s center and the mini marina, but it’s worth it because the building is basically on top of the water. I’m a sucker for a theme and this place has a theme and sticks to it! Watercolor also offers painting classes in the evening. Kate runs those classes, and she did a great job walking us through each step. Her instructions and tips were so clear that even our color-blind-Blake created a gorgeous masterpiece! (See Below)

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This is Blake's painting with no help, seven months prior to our painting class.

This is Blake's painting with help from Kate and her class at Watercolor Cafe. Scroll down to see my painting.