Sunflower Portraits with Mom

From the very first conversation I had with Wendoline, I knew we had something major in common- we LOVE sunflowers!! So naturally, we had to plan her session in the gorgeous sunflower field at Gorman Heritage Farm in Evandale, Ohio. 

Every year, Gorman Heritage Farm hosts a Sunflower Festival with booths from local small businesses, games for the little ones to play, and lots of food trucks! The highlight of this festival is, of course, the Sunflower Field. The sunflowers themselves are all different sizes which is perfect for people of all heights. You don’t want the stems to be so tall that they tower over you, but you also don’t want them to be so short that you look like a giant!! They also have an option to pick your own stem for $2 which is great so you can take home some of the beauty. 

Wendoline and I had such a lovely time taking photos in this field. I even had a chance to bring her mom in on the fun! The two of them were so sweet, and I loved being able to practice my Spanish using words like pelo, manos y brazos. 

I will definitely be back to the Gorman Heritage Farm next season, so stay tuned for more portraits with my favorite flowers!