This Girl is a Witch!

My photoshoot with Autumn is probably one of my all-time favorite shoots simply because we chose so many props to have fun with. Here are 5 awesome props to use for your next Halloween Photoshoot!

  1. A cauldron- You can fill this with dry ice (learn how to use dry ice 7 Tips for Using Dry Ice in Photos), or you can leave it empty and pretend to fill it with potions. I’d recommend using a larger cauldron because that will look more realistic. 
  2. A skull- it’s giving MacBeth
  3. A Spell Book- I’m sure there are plenty of old books at used bookstores, but we used a Grimm’s Brothers Collection of Alice in Wonderland as our spell book.
  4. Potions- You can find small vials at your local craft store as well as on Amazon for a few dollars. We filled these with water and different colored glitter eyeshadow- since we didn’t have regular glitter. You could also add food coloring to them to change up the pigment.
  5. Candles- There are many different varieties of candles that you can use for a Halloween or Witchy photoshoot. I prefer the long candle sticks over the smaller tea light candles. I would recommend that you let the wax melt a little before showing up to your session. That way it gives the candle a “used” look. 

Disclaimer- Check for burn bans in your area as well as the fire regulations at your location. Fire is dangerous, so please be careful not to hurt yourself or the nature around you. And as always, pack it in, pack it out!!!