What makes a good beach?

After a quick google search, you might think it’s fairly easy to find a nice beach in the surrounding Seattle areas, but you’d be wrong. I have been to many different beaches since moving out here, and I’m going to share with you my top two choices for photoshoots after taking into consideration the following criteria:

-accessibility/ ease of access

-beach terrain quality (aka the sand)

-and parking

Golden Gardens

This is my all time favorite park in Seattle and it just so happens to be a beach. The sand is soft. There are mountains in the distance. I see seals EVERY time I’m there. I even once saw an orca! There’s quite a bit of space with trees and tall grasses that add some depth to otherwise boring beach photos. There are bathrooms which is always something I take into consideration when picking a photoshoot location. But perhaps the most important quality of this beach is the parking! There is a TON of parking right along the beach, a second level of parking up a staircase, but not too far from the beach, and a third level of parking that is a bit farther but still better than Discovery Park or Alki Beach. I will say, this beach does get VERY busy when you’ve got the perfect storm of beautiful weather on a weekend. So if you’re going to shoot here, get there early or be prepared to search for parking and photoshop out a ton of people in the background.

couple sitting on driftwood at golden gardens beach

Juanita Beach Park

My second choice would be Juanita Park. This one is a bit farther out of the city limits, but it’s a nice option for those who live in Bellevue or Kirkland. This park has soft sand, a view of the city far away in the background, and A CLOSE BY PARKING LOT. Which means you won’t be walking far with your extra clothes/ props.

mother and daughter white dresses playing in sand at Juanita Beach Park Seattle Washington

If you’re looking for a photographer who thinks through every little detail of your photoshoot experience- even down to the parking lot from which you’ll be walking-

I’m your girl :) 

mother and daughter white dresses playing with sand at Juanita Beach Park Seattle Washington
couple sitting on driftwood at golden gardens park seattle
mother wraps arm around 2 year old daughter at Juanita Beach Park Seattle Washington
couple praying at altar at golden gardens park
3 year old girl in white dress running at Juanita beach- close up portrait
portrait from across pond of couple kissing on bridge at golden gardens park seattle
Mother holding 3 year old daughter while walking in water at Juanita Park Washington
couple leaning over bridge railing, looking at pond in seattle washington
close up- mother playing with daughter's hair at beach in washington
3 year old girl white sunhat playing in water at lake Juanita Park
couple posed looking at each other in tall grass at golden gardens park