My Hidden Gem- Interlaken Park

Sometimes, it’s nice to not have to drive crazy far out of the city for beautiful photoshoot locations. Luckily, I live in Seattle where photogenic nature is all around us. In fact, I did BOTH of these sessions at Interlaken Park which is a 15 minute drive from the Space Needle. This park was easy to access, which if you know me at all, you know how important this is for me. I prioritize creating a seamless client experience which means I don’t want my clients having to lug all their photoshoot essentials from their car deep into the woods. We didn’t have to go far for these photos at all. In fact, this waterfall is able to be seen from the main road! 

The paths were wide and not steep in the slightest, and we ran into very few people while on these trails. I think this park is such a hidden gem that only the locals truly go here. When I bring up Interlaken Park to friends not from Capitol Hill, most of them have never heard of it!

If you’re looking for large trees, greenery even in the dead of winter, and LOTS OF MOSS, then Interlaken Park might be the place for you! This park truly makes you feel like you’re deep in the woods without the fear of bears! 

woman washing hands in small waterfall laughing at Interlaken Park
portrait woman sitting on moss covered bridge
portrait woman laying on large slanted evergreen tree in seattle
female gaze portrait of woman sitting inbetween tree trunks in washington
close up portrait woman of color holding hands near face hands covered with dirt female gaze
woman standing reaching towards small waterfall at Interlaken Park in overalls

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