Chloe’s Bike

A not-so-common reason to book a photoshoot is to commemorate an item of significance, a chapter ending, and a new one beginning. With Chloe’s photoshoot, we did all three of those things. Chloe moved to Mackinac Island for a seasonal job during the summer before ultimately returning back to school the next semester. During this time, she spent hours biking the 8-mile loop that surrounds the island. She made memories that she will never forget and friendships that will last a lifetime. We wanted to commemorate this time in her life with a photoshoot on the island. So, she put on a beautiful dress, her most fashionable boots, and took off on her bike to do just that. 

These are the photos we took. This gallery represents the free-spirited fun she had on this island. It represents the time she spent being one with nature. It represents the fun she had on her bike, riding through the town. And most importantly, it represents the complexity of being a young woman. The ups, the downs and everything in between. I hope you enjoy.