Busy Woman

Graduating class of 2022, Hannah is like many other people her age. She likes Bridget Jones Diary, Dr. Pepper and the color forest green. She loves chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A with buffalo sauce. Don’t you dare give her BBQ!! But Hannah is also a super independent, go-getter. She aspires to be a clinical psychologist. But beyond that, Hannah aspires to make a difference for people like her. She has seen the lack of awareness surrounding mental health and the lack of help given to young people trying to navigate young adulthood. Despite Hannah’s hardships, she is still very driven, and determined to make change in the world. That’s why this session was so special to me. 

It was very important to me to capture Hannah’s self-starter attitude. That’s why we did a variety of poses to show off her confidence such as the hand on the hip and throwing her gown over her shoulder. I’m also a huge fan of the photos of her walking down the stairs, looking off to the side. It’s giving busy woman.