Maddie’s Senior Photos

When I found out that Maddie had been a high school graduate for 6 months and still hadn’t gotten her senior photos done, I knew I had to change that! But she didn’t like the typical senior photos she had seen and didn’t think those frilly dresses really fit her vibe. So, Maddie and I worked together to create an outfit that would represent her personality perfectly. 

Once we found the perfect outfit/ jewelry/ shoe combo, we started planning the locations. We knew we wanted to incorporate the nature found on Mackinac Island, where she lived, but had to navigate around all the bright, colorful, touristy parts of the island. We chose some large quirky trees to represent her inquisitive, nurturing side. The rocks by the lake shore to represent her loud, chaotic side. And a wild field to represent her tranquil and romantic side. 

Of course we made sure to snap those typical senior poses to please her family too ;P 

I hope you enjoy