Most of my clients have never had professional photos taken of them before, which is why I start with the same pose for all of my couple's sessions. At the beginning of your couple's session, I will ask the two of you to walk towards me holding hands. I'll have you look at the camera, look at each other and then look away from each other. This gives us a wide variety of images just from one prompt. Once I feel we've gotten the hang of walking back and forth, I step it up a bit. I'll direct you to "drunk walk" as sloppy as possible. Without fail, this helps my clients really loosen up as well as getting us some cute photos of the couple smiling. After this prompt, I know my couple is warmed up and feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. From there, I'll slowly add more and more difficult prompts and poses so by the end of the session you're basically a professional model! These photos below are of my clients Hope and Kelly. They had never had professional photos take before, and by looking at these images, you never would have been able to tell!

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