I'm going to try to make this as short as I can, but Blake and I had such great experiences at nearly every single restaurant on Mackinac Island, and I have a lot to say. So, let's jump right in.


Ice House BBQ

This was one of the first places we went, and I'm glad we went when we did because it closed down for the season the very next week. The seating area is all outside, so when it gets cold, this was the first place to shut its doors, which is really unfortunate because it was one of my favorites. I got the pulled pork sandwich and french fries, and it was absolutely delicious. I do have to say though that the fries cost extra even though the wording on the menu makes it seem like they don't. But to be honest, the food was so good that I wasn't even upset.

Smokey Jose’s

The first time we went, this food was really good. Blake and I both got the pulled pork sandwich. It did not come with a side, but Blake added sweet potato fries, and I added the mac n cheese (pictured above). The fries were good, but I wouldn't recommend the mac n cheese unless you like really cheesey mac n cheese. The second time I didn’t finish my pulled pork sandwich because it was very fatty. But that's how bbq is sometimes. Sometimes the cut of meat isn’t the best. But the atmosphere is great. It’s right on the water, but the seating is screened in, so you won’t get any birds pestering you for some sweet potato waffle fries. While we were here, we did see a mink scurrying around which was super cute. He didn’t bother us, and no one around us seemed bothered by his cuteness. 

Moomers/ Good Day Cafe

Get the apple danish, get the apple danish, get the apple danish. Sorry I am just obsessed with that apple danish. It is flakey and the glaze on top is sweet. The ratio of danish to the apple filing is perfect. Moomers is one of my favorite places on the island for sweet treats. It has the best ice cream on the island- I’m a sucker for peanut butter oreo ice cream. The coffee is really good as well. Something you’ll learn about me is that I always get a mocha at every coffee shop because it gives me a good basis to compare them. This was the best mocha I had on the island. The Lucky Bean was a close second, but we’ll get there. I am allergic to eggs, so I did not try the breakfast sandwiches, but everyone I know raves about them. They are a solid quality for the price that they are. I will say though that the staff here is not very friendly. The food is definitely worth it, but most of them are rude and clearly don’t want to be there. But that makes it better when you get help from someone that is friendly! 


This was some of the best food on the island. Blake and I went on a very chilly day and got the tomahawk pork chop, and the pot roast. We couldn’t stop talking about how good this food was. After every bite “oh my goodness this is so good.” The seasonal drinks are also delicious however, they are very strong so beware.

Quick Spot for Luch

Island Slice Pizza

If you’re ballin' on a budget, this is the place to go. They have a pizza deal that includes one (decent sized) slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza, a bread stick and a drink for $9.95. They have a restroom accessible.

Might Mac's

This is one of the most popular spots for lunch. It's right on the water and has an outdoor seating area. It is not screened in though, so expect the birds to bother you. I got the regular cheeseburger with fries. The fries with cheese sauce are really good. They also have a restroom available.


This quick-serve hot dog stand is located at British Landing which is about halfway on the 8.2 mile loop around the island. I’d recommend getting the hot dogs from here. They cost about $5 and are incredible. A perfect snack to give you energy for the second 4 miles. They close daily around 5pm, but if you get there close to close, you may just get a 2 for 1 deal on dogs! The owner of this place has a super cool mustache and is very friendly. 

Pancake House

Subpar French toast. Blake got the pancakes, and they weren’t very good either. It's a great place for kids, but I wouldn't recommend it because it's just as expensive as the other breakfast places and doesn't come close in taste.

Mary’s Bistro

Mary's Bistro offers a great view of the water on their outdoor seating area. The cheese curds are the best thing on the menu along with the pizza and bbq mac n cheese. Skip the burger, truffle fries and the pretzel sticks. The pretzel sticks were hard and the cheese for it was gritty. Mary's bistro IS a great place to eat, but the food is very much hit or miss.


If you're pressed on time, skip it. Many of our coworkers raved about this place, but we were unimpressed both times we went. The service was great. The woman that works there is incredible! And it’s a cool diner experience because you can see them cooking the food, but the food was nothing to write home about. 

Millie’s on Main

I got the fettuccini alfredo, and it was a solid meal. The serving size is a lot, so I didn’t finish it all. Everyone else enjoyed their food as well and we hope to come back to try other things on the menu.

Mustang Lounge

This is one of the only two places that stays open during the winter, and I can see why. It’s a very cozy tavern. It was dark and warm with nice mood lighting. If you walk towards the bathrooms, there is a wall full of pictures of the locals from the off season. It’s very cute, and our service was great. Shout out to our friend Lou. If you come, get the pulled pork mac n cheese. It’s incredible. 

Amigo Burrito

I never ate here, but Blake got nachos and he says the serving size was big and the food was “very yummy."

Broken Spoke

We did not have a pleasant experience here at all. The food wasn’t great, and the service wasn’t either. They charge for water, and they snapped at my friend when she took a drink from the water bottle she brought in. I understand not allowing outside food or drink, but I have taken my water to every restaurant and not a single person has said anything. She could have been nicer about it, considering that my friend apologized and put it away immediately. 


I wouldn’t recommend eating here, however every Wednesday night they have Booty Night. I never went because I’m allergic to alcohol, but everyone raves about it. If you’re looking for nightlife, this is the first place to check.

Yankee Tavern

This is a somewhat hidden place, but it’s very fancy considering its location. You don’t need a suit and tie by any means, but I would recommend wearing something nice. Generally, in touristy places there is a mix of vacationers dressed nicely and backpackers in their nicest hiking clothes. Idk if that makes sense. But this is not a place like that. No one in there looked like an exhausted backpacker. So, keep that in mind. 

Great Turtle

This is a must eat at restaurant when visiting Mackinac Island. I got the chicken tacos, and they were incredible. So incredible that when I went off island for a weekend, I was dreaming about these tacos. They come with a side of tortilla chips and I’d recommend sticking with those so that you can scoop up all the yummy stuff that falls out of the tacos. 


If you come to Seabiscuit, you can’t leave without getting the mac n cheese balls. After Blake and I discovered these, we ate them 3 days in a row. I also recommend getting the Kentucky Bourbon Steak. This was an obvious choice since we’re both from Kentucky.


We only came here for dessert and we got the drunken monkey which was a monkey bread with I believe apple glaze. The experience was cool because they flamoy it at the table, but the dessert needed a scoop of ice cream on top. It was yummy, but it needed that contrast of cold. 


We never ate a meal here, but we did get the strawberry shortcake to-go. I wouldn’t recommend that dessert, but they do plan themed nights every week, which is great if you’re looking for some night life. The upcoming events will be listed outside their front doors. Some events I’ve seen include trivia night and PJ night. 

Pink Pony is hands down the best restaurant on the island.

The French toast is the best breakfast on the island. The coffee is incredible. I could go on and on about this place. The restaurant itself has the best view on the island. Whether or not you are sitting inside or outside on the patio, the view is incredible. The patio has heavy duty plastic wind covers for the winter, and they turn on the heaters, so it’s perfectly comfortable to sit there on a cold, autumn day. 

Pink Pony for dinner was just as incredible. I went all out and got the filet mignon, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was the most expensive thing on the menu, but it was so good that I wouldn’t even share one bite with Blake. It came with carrots and mashed potatoes beautifully displayed. Blake got the fish and chips, and he loved those as well. For dessert, we got the brownie sundae and that held up to the standards that the rest of the food set. 

The service at Pink Pony is the best on the island. Blake and I ordered coffee to-go at the host stand and while we were waiting for the coffee, four people came up to ask if we had been helped yet. And then after we added cream and sugar, another employee from the hotel desk saw the sugar packets in my hand and pointed me in the direction of the trash can without me even asking. 

If you can only go to one restaurant while on the island, it needs to be this one. You can't go wrong with anything you order.


Nearly every single place we went to eat was delicious, so you really can't go wrong, but if I had to pick my top three it would be as follows:

Great Turtle Tacos

Seabiscuit Mac n cheese balls

Pink Pony French toast, coffee, and filet